[DKA Cluster] (DE) The Island (XPx2, Tx5, Hx3, Mx10) ASA

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We're a small group of ARK players who got together to build our own server. We are happy about every new player and welcome everyone. We are striving for a german community that you can play and have fun with.

• Unlocks Tek Binoculars at early level
• Adjusted rates (XP x2, Harvest x3, Taming x5, Mating x10)
• Use teleporters from lvl 20
• Shiny will populate your Ark with a number of rare and special Dinos
• Active admins
• Unlocks all engrams except Tek
• Death Recovery Stone
• alternative recipe for kibble
• alternative recipe for polymer
• healpotion and mindwipeplus
• and more coming later

• Discord: DKA Discord
• Support: Discord Ticketsystem

• Official Mods: Ceratosaurus & Archelon
• AP Death Recovery
• Ez Engram Unlocker
• Shiny Dinos
• HideCryopods
• Gigantoraptor
• Pelayori's Cryo Storage (Crossplay!)
• Structure Management Tool (Pickup Structures, Transfer Inventory etc.
• Our own DKA Mod (currently alternative recipes and some decoration, Unlocks Tek Binoculars at early level)
• coming soon

• Clean Glass Wall (Sample)
• Games, Glam, and Guns (Sample)
• Horizon InvisArmorSkin
• Cliffans Saddles [Custom Cosmetics]
• Klinger Additional Skin Cosmetics Rustic GreenHouse
• Add text and icon to structures

• Breeding:10
• Taming:5
• Harvesting:3
• XP:2
• Wild Dino Level: 120
• Shiny Level: 120-132
• SpeedLeveling
• Reduced fuel consumption
• Use teleporters from lvl 20
• Clusterserver (coming soon)
• DE Community

• [DKA Cluster] [DKA Cluster] (DE) The Island (XPx2, Tx5, Hx3, Mx10)

• [DKA Cluster] (DE/GER) Scorched Earth (XPx2, Tx5, Hx3, Mx10)

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