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Modded Server
Installierte Mods Kibble Table
StackMeMore (v1.51)
Structures Plus (Open Source)
Protected Passives (Discontinued)
Omnicular Remote v1.2
Death Helper
ACM V2.7.1294
TCs Auto Rewards v1.11.1
Egg N Poop Collector / Incubator
Primitiver Server
Taming Multiplikator 10-fach
Breeding Multiplikator 25-fach
XP Multiplikator 4-fach
Harvest Multiplikator 5-fach
Karte Extinction

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Welcome to Ark Revived - newmexicolife.de Crossplaying. (Wipe 09.03.2019)
NML brings to you 2 top administrated server clusters which contain:


PVP Cluster:

Ragnarok: 70 Slots
Extinction: 70 Slots
Aberration: 50 Slots
Island: 40 Slots

PVE Cluster:

Extinction: 70 Slots
Ragnarok: 50 Slots

All servers have enough slots for you and your friends, and deliver good performance for an outstanding gaming experience.
The community always welcomes new players in a friendly and helpful way, and as a "newbie", you'll quickly become a part of it.
The servers are running together on a high-performance root server that currently has no other applications running.

The admin team always keeps an eye on the rules of the community (readable on http://www.newmexicolife.de) and fairness comes first. For problems and questions the users have a support available. (TS3, ticket system or in-game)

All admin commands are visible to each player in the chat.
Admin Abuse is strictly prohibited on our servers and will be prosecuted and punished - all commands that are used to support players (for example, the removal of bugged structures or creatures, as well as the clearing of inactive bases)

The admins have no interest in benefits, but just want to play together with you and have fun

The team organizes unique PVP events in which you and your tribe can prove their abilities and earn great rewards.
At the PVE Cluster you have the opportunity during the construction event to register your base and have it evaluated. The "fanciest builder" can win great prizes.

Dino disabled:

  • Titanosaurus

  • Items disabled:

  • S+ Nanny

  • S+ Hitching Post

  • S+ Mutator

  • S+ Special Turrets

  • S+ Cloning Chamber

  • S+ Tek ATV

  • S+ Metall Glass Strukturen

  • Heavy Turrets Kosten erhöht

  • Heavy Turrets Limit bei 60

  • Bild

    Server Settings:

    Dino Limit per Tribe
    Dino Limit per Server
    Harvest Multiplier
    Taming Multiplier
    XP Multiplier
    3.5 (eigene Levelkurve)
    Mature Speed
    Egg Hatch
    Mating Intervall
    0.35 (~12h)
    Ressource Respawn
    0.5 (Also doppelt so schnell)
    Max Dino Level
    Max Player Level
    Max. Member per Tribe
    Max Tribes per Alliance
    No Alliances
    Max Alliances per Tribe
    No Alliances
    Allow Tribe Warfare
    Turret Damage Multiplier

    So what you are waiting for??

    Go and play on Ark Revived!

    Rules of New Mexico Life
    1. General information about the project
    Reading and accepting server rules is a prerequisite for playing on our game servers. Statements like "I do not have read the rules yet

    "do not protect against punishment.

    Even the "not understanding" of the rules is in one's own responsibility - for any question about the rules at any time the support can

    be consulted. (see 1.8 Support)

    newmexicolife reserves the right to change or extend the rules at any time for any reason

    Basically, play with the rules - and not beside the rules.

    1.1 No racism!
    1.1.1 Subliminal or directly offensive racial statements will not be tolerated and will be punished

    1.1.2 Insults or repetition of racial or ethnic group targeted will not be tolerated

    1.2 No insults!

    1.2.1 Insulting up to massive insult will not be tolerated and will be prosecuted depending on the individual case.

    1.3 No discrimination!

    1.3.1. Subliminal comments on gender or similar. ("Women and Dinos parking ....")

    1.3.2. Insults on gender, religion or group affiliation, sexuality and the like.

    1.4 No bullying!

    1.4.1 Bullying means harming other people, usually constantly or repeatedly and regularly, torturing, torturing and mentally violating them, or inciting other people against someone on our platform.

    1.5 No griefing!

    1.5.1 When a player tries to make fun of other players without breaking the basic rules of the game

    1.5.2 If the Griefing already pursued the goal of driving the appropriate players from the game platform

    1.6 No flame / begging / spam!

    1.6.1 It means that multiple disturbing flames, spam'n or begging in the chat, that was not omitted even when prompted.

    1.6.2 Massive chat spam because of flame / begging etc. so that other players are disturbed massively by these chat messages

    1.7 No exploits / hacks / bugs!

    1.7.1 Exploits and bugs are not "features", but much more the deliberate avoidance of rules or the exploitation of gambling errors for his personal benefit.

    1.7.2 This is strictly prohibited and will be punished.

    1.7.3 Hacks or external trainers or software for gaining game advantages are strictly prohibited and will be punished

    1.8 Support

    1.8.1 Support is provided exclusively via the corresponding areas in the Teamspeak (support wartehalle) or via the ticket area in the forum.

    1.8.2 Support requests when encountering supporters or admins in non-support teamspeak channels are prohibited.

    1.8.3 Support requests via conversation in the forum are prohibited

    1.8.4 Support requests via the Shoutbox are prohibited

    1.8.5 Support requests via ingame chat are prohibited

    1.8.6 An accused in a support case is not found guilty until proven guilty.

    1.8.7 If possible, we recommend that players use video recording programs such as Shadowplay in case of an upcoming support dispute

    to be able to present video evidence in the case of allegations or defenses of one's own.

    1.8.8 If you are dissatisfied with a supporter's decision, you can request an administrator to review the case.

    1.9 streaming

    1.9.1 Streaming is generally allowed on our gameserver.

    1.9.2 When streaming from our platforms the same rules apply as on the game server in the forum or on the Teamspeak 3 server

    1.9.3 We reserve the right to take appropriate consequencesin in case of a violation of our rules in the livestream.

    1.9.4 Streamer can request support to be listed as streaming partner, this will then be discussed in the admin session.

    The result will be reported to the streamer after the session has ended

    2. General rules of the game
    2.1 Tribe (size up to 10 members) and character names must not be offensive

    2.2 Tribe and character names must be "reasonable names" (not something like 123 or fffffff)

    2.3 The tribes must be identical on all servers in the cluster (members, name of the tribes)

    2.4 Alliances are disabled

    2.5 Beaver dams have to be completely looted

    2.6 Breeding of any Dinos in Caves is prohibited

    2.7 Dropping Dragon Eggs is prohibited

    2.8 Loot crates have to be fully looted

    2.9 On the servers it is never allowed to drop wild dinos in bases, on the PVP cluster

    during the raid phases its allowed to drop own dinos in bases.

    2.10 its not allowed to download Dinos from Lootboxes in Caves

    2.11 In Caves dinos may be taimed but not left behind. If you can not get the dinos out through the exit anymore

    they have to be killed before leaving the cave.

    2.12 Do not be an idiot!

    3. Building rules
    3.1 Construction in the close area of the ARKs is prohibited - The ARKs must be accessible to all players without risk at any time (Open World PVP excluded)

    3.2 On resource spots with rich resources spawns (more than 6 spawns per area) building is restricted.

    3.3 In and close at the caves may not be built (artefact caves, bosscaves (ice, lava, etc), entrances to the surface (aberration))

    3.4 Taming structures must be demolished after use and may be destroyed by other players at any time.

    3.5 (Marker only relevant to PVP) A mainland base, which must be marked with a green flag ( here the guide to the flag design ), a water base (marked same way as Landbase) are allowed per tribe and server. If the base has 2 entrances that are far from each other or too large, several flags may be placed on the same base so that they can be seen from each side.

    3.6.1 (Only relevant to PVP) All structures that are unmarked or do not belong to a marked main base do not count as base and may be destroyed. (eg Taming structures)

    3.6.2 (Only relevant to PVP) It is not allowed to mark several bases on land or water, this can lead to the administrative destruction of all structures. (Tribe wipe for fraud)

    3.6.3 We recommend to players to screenshot their bases before going offline(marker visible), as well to players destroying unmarked structures we recommend to screenshot before (proof that they were not marked)

    3.7 Loot Crates must not be built in or blocked

    3.8 Hiding individual structures or objects to block building sites is prohibited

    3.9 Floating structures are prohibited

    3.10 In and at the Dragon Gorge may not be built. (These include turrets - also on taming structures)

    3.11 At spawnpoints may not be built (newcomers should first remove a little from the spawn before starting to build)

    3.12 Only one Reward Vault per main base (total: 2) is allowed per tribe. Abuse of the vault will be punished in matter of building or


    3.13 Massive foundation placement around its own base construction site is prohibited and will be evaluated on an individual basis.

    4. PVP rules
    4.1 Basic rules

    PvP allowed!

    Corresponding complaints or an obvious flaming about PVP actions in the chat are to be omitted!
    Players may only be detained for up to a maximum of 30 minutes and must either be killed or released after this time
    Only the most necessary!

    Passive dinos are taboo and must not be killed. (Exception: they block access to Loot during the Raid phase or are directly involved in a PVP action
    If a dino was previously involved in a PVP action, then dismounting from the player will not guarantee immunity to the Dino. However, if a Dino was not part of a PVP action then it is still considered as passive Dino.
    To get hidden loot stunning passive dinosaurs is allowed to view the inventory. The Dinos must not be hurt more than necessary for stunning!
    We all want to have fun!

    Meaningless permanent farming of individual persons can be treated as Griefing and be punished under certain circumstances.
    Repeated killing of players in active raiding or tribal fighting does not count under griefing, furthermore it serves to secure the success of the raid.

    4.2 Base Raiding

    The principles!

    Base Raiding takes place only on the PVP Cluster, the PVE Cluster is excluded.

    For Base Raids, the maximum number of players on both sides (attack and defense) of 10 equal * players may not be exceeded.
    You are not allowed to swap people during the active raid
    Persons outside of their own tribes may be hired for attack or defense if 1.) is not violated.
    Changing your own alliance or tribe affiliation for a raid is prohibited and is considered tribe hopping.
    Titans are only allowed for the Extinction boss and restricted in PVP
    Internal Raiding (own Tribe) is restricted
    Note: Should a party notice a violation of this rule, this must be reported immediately to the support in order to avert major damage.

    4.3 Goals of the Raid!

    In Base Raids, the goal is to loot the opponent, not destroy the entire base. It is therefore only allowed to gain access to the loot.

    Should a base be freely accessible and open and have no defense then nothing should be destroyed

    Destroying taming structures is appreciated to destroy unused buildings from our servers.

    4.4 PVP Settings and Raid Times (Raiding outside the times specified below is prohibited!

    cluster PvP Cluster
    Setting PvP
    PvP active always
    Raid days always
    Raid times always

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    Server Optionen

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