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Modded Server
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StackMeMore (v1.51)
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Omnicular Remote v1.2
ACM V2.7.1294 [UNSTABLE]
Egg N Poop Collector / Incubator
Bore Water Kit
TCs Auto Rewards v1.11.1
Universal Server UI (Zelur)
Offline Guard System
Breedable Griffins
Platforms Plus (Open Source)
Primitiver Server
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Breeding Multiplikator 25-fach
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Harvest Multiplikator 5-fach
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Beschreibung ARK Everlast - ARK Survival Evolved Community

Welcome to Ark Everlast- Crossplaying. (Wipe 08.06.2019)
NML brings to you a top administrated PvPvE server cluster, with family and workers friendly raiding times, which contains:


Ragnarok: 60 Slots
- PVP (open PVP activated / Raiding only at the weekends)

The Volcano: 60 Slots
- PVP (open PVP activated / Raiding only at the weekends)

Extinction: 60 Slots
- PVP (open PVP activated / Raiding only at the weekends)

Aberration: 40 Slots
- PVE (open PVP and raiding only at the weekends)

Island: 40 Slots
- PVE (open PVP and raiding only at the weekends)

The Center: 40 Slots
- PVE (open PVP and raiding only at the weekends)

All servers have enough slots for you and your friends, and deliver good performance for an outstanding gaming experience.
The community always welcomes new players in a friendly and helpful way, and as a "newbie", you'll quickly become a part of it.
The servers are running together on a high-performance root server that currently has no other applications running.

The admin team always keeps an eye on the rules of the community (readable on and fairness comes first. For problems and questions the users have a support available. (TS3, ticket system or in-game)

All admin commands are visible to each player in the chat.
Admin Abuse is strictly prohibited on our servers and will be prosecuted and punished - all commands that are used to support players (for example, the removal of bugged structures or creatures, as well as the clearing of inactive bases)

The admins have no interest in benefits, but just want to play together with you and have fun

The team organizes unique PVP and PVE events in which you and your tribe can prove their abilities and earn great rewards.

Dino disabled:

  • Titanosaurus

  • Items disabled:

  • S+ Nanny

  • S+ Hitching Post

  • S+ Mutator

  • S+ Special Turrets

  • S+ Cloning Chamber

  • S+ Tek ATV

  • S+ Metall Glass Strukturen

  • Heavy Turrets Kosten erhöht

  • Heavy Turrets Limit bei 60

  • Bild

    Server Settings:

    Dino Limit per Tribe
    Dino Limit per Server
    Harvest Multiplier
    Taming Multiplier
    XP Multiplier
    4 (eigene Levelkurve)
    Mature Speed
    Egg Hatch
    Mating Intervall
    0.35 (~12h)
    Ressource Respawn
    0.5 (Also doppelt so schnell)
    Max Dino Level
    Max Player Level
    Max. Member per Tribe
    Max Tribes per Alliance
    No Alliances
    Max Alliances per Tribe
    No Alliances
    Allow Tribe Warfare
    Turret Damage Multiplier

    So what you are waiting for??

    Go and play on Ark Everlast!



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