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Welcome to ARKTIS PvP Server.
After two years of intense ark gaming, we decided to setup our own Server.
Have fun and good luck.

Rules 4 ARKtis PvP Server:
1. No Harassment.
2. No Racism.
3. Dont build random structures.
4. Trank/Cagetime (per Aliance) 30 minutes.
5. Dont build in artifact caves. Inclouding all entrances!
6. No bug or glitch using.
7. Dont block off beacons.
8. Dont besiege player for more than 3 hours, if u cant make any progress in your raid.
9. No bulletproofe dinos at all!
10. No cheating!
11. Let new players build up in peace.

1. You can build in the underworld,also in bearcaves and underwater. But make sure that u dont block of any artifacts.
2. We are in an early state, so please report problems to us.
3 You can join our Teamspeak:

ORP2 (x3 protection)
RAWR Beacons
Upgrade Station
Ammo Pool
Bulk Crafter
Boosted Fabricator 2.0
Seven's Forge Kit
Awesome Teleporters!
Classic Flyers
Egg'n'Poop Collector/Incubator
Stack me more

All items craftable.

All x30
Player max Level:100 with high stats per level up.


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